About our company

We have come a long way since our decision in the year 2005 to set up an enterprise which deals in commercial plastic recycling. Over the years we have grown from a little start-up to one of the leading companies in our sector. At present we have at our disposal the production and storage surface area of 26.000 m2 and a crew of more than 30 highly motivated and well trained staff members.

Meanwhile the leading companies of the plastic industry place their trust in our commitment, our technology and our access to the secondary raw material markets.

Currently we process more than 10.000 tons of industrial plastic waste and convert it into high quality recycled material every year.

Therefore we conserve resources in Europe, keep the business of our partners sustainable and the future of our children clean.

Contact persons

Hans Grubmüller

Operating management

Email: grubmueller@innplast.com
Phone: +49-175-9712468

Walpurga Erhart

Financial management

Email: rechnungswesen@innplast.com
Phone: +43-7754-36236-15

Nadine Altweger

Logistics management

Email: office@innplast.com
Phone: +43-7754-36236

Rene Frank

Account management

Email: verkauf@innplast.com
Phone: +43-664-88252791

Chief executive and ownership

DI Stefan Salhofer, MSc

Executive Director

Email: salhofer@innplast.com
Phone: +43-7754-36236

The Innplast Kunststoffe GmbH is a subsidiary company of the Victory Trust GmbH.

The Victory Trust Group with locations in Linz and Vienna was established in the year 2001 by Stefan Salhofer and Wilhelm Berghammer. Today the group employs more than 250 people and is one of the most innovative private equity companies in Austria.

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